Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mt. Batur Sunrise Trek

Mt. Batur Sunrise Trek

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Parilya, Cebu

Have you ever wondered where my feet take me on Saturdays?
Meet my good friends.  We call ourselves the "Saturday Night Foodies" group.  We enjoy stories and laughters over gastronomic experiences.
We tried Parilya, the newly-opened restaurant by the Laguna Group.  It's the latest landmark along the South Road Properties (SRP) right by Filinvest's Il Corso property. Parilya makes you feel at home. Its setup is very light to the touch and very laidback.  It lives by the truest meaning of al fresco dining.
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Crispy Crablets:
Baby crabs cooked in perfect crisp; a crunch in every bite. Oh, and it smelled  really, really good.
This dish surprised me the most. Mind you, I don't usually eat crablets because of its shell. But this one, though, I didn't even notice the shell. It was that good. Just dip it in vinegar, and you'd have the perfect starter (abrigana).
Php 180.00 per order  

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How To Apply for Australian Visitor Visa Online for Filipinos

Please note that this entry is based on my own application for visitor visa online, and may not apply to other types of visas and non-Filipino residents of the Philippines.
Step 1: Research, Research, Research.
I cannot stress enough how important it is to get information from other Filipinos who have applied for Australian Visitor Visa in the past.
Visitor visa (subclass 600) Information, Features and Requirements - Why subclass 600? Filipinos are not eligible for the eVisitor visa.  This website gives you information on Australia's different types of visitor visas and who are eligible.
The embassy does not conduct interviews so be as thorough and as concise as possible.
Step 2: Gather all necessary documents.
This should be a helpful guide: Visitor visa (subclass 600) Application document checklist
I submitted the following documents:
a. Invitation Letter from my friend in Australia along with a copy of his passport, copy of his Driver’s License, copy of his employment ID, and copy of his Tenancy Agreement.  I included a copy of his tenancy agreement as proof that he can sponsor my accommodation while in Australia.  You may refer to my invitation letter here.
b. Bank Certification.
TIP: get your certification from the bank where you've been with the longest. I have a friend who works in a bank and she mentioned that for visa applications, it is important that you've been with the bank for a long time so as to avoid being questioned. BPI charges P100 per certification. Good thing about it is that you can get it right away and from any branch.
How much show money should you have in your bank account? It depends and I'm in no position to say how much. If your trip is sponsored by your Australian contact, you can present his/her financial documents.  Since I'm travelling on my own, I had to prove to the embassy that I can support myself during the entire time I'm in Australia so I had about 6 figures in the bank during the time when I lodged my application. (no longer 6 figures. That's why it's called show money. harhar.)
d. Credit Card Statements (3months) - proof of financial capacity
e. Income Tax Return (3 years) - proof of financial capacity and employment history
f. certified true copies of Payslip (6months) - proof of financial capacity
g. Certificate of Employment - proof that I have a reason to return to the Philippines
h. Letter of Leave of Absence from my manager - proof that I am required to return to the Philippines
i. Driver's License - proof of identity
j. Passport Copy - proof of identity
k. USA Visa - proof of identity
l. Life Insurance - proof that the Australian government will not incur costs during my stay
m. Personal Accident Insurance -proof that the Australian government will not incur costs during my stay. I don't think it is really required to have 2 insurance policies. However, this personal accident insurance was given to me during an event I took part of so I included this to my application.
n. Proof of Travel (passport stamps) - I enumerated the countries I've visited in the last 5 years
o. Roundtrip Plane Ticket - proof that I will return to the Philippines
p. Passport Photo - required

2014: Where My Feet Had Taken Me


Started the year with a bang in the lovely Cebu City. Need I mention Sinulog and Lifedance, too?
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Mactan, Cebu     

March to April  

New York
Who doesn't love New York City?
I'm in a love-hate relationship with Chicago. She's beautiful but she doesn't seem like she wants you to appreciate her beauty. She's just too cold!

The Thanksgiving Week That Was

I must admit that this trip started on the wrong foot.  It's true what they say:  "First impressions don't last". This trip has proven that.
I've been to numerous solo trips but this El Nido trip turned out to be, by far, the most memorable.  Sure, El Nido is beautiful but it's the people you meet along the road that make it all worthwhile.
It was here that I met the most people from different facets of life.
Rarely do I get to meet solo female travellers.  Here, I met Faith.  Her family is from Cebu but they are now based in Canada. As of this writing, she is on her way to Australia. In the next few weeks, she'll go on her 5-month trip around Asia.
Hidden beach, El Nido with Faith
It’s amazing how you can connect with people without ever saying a word.  If you can make people comfortable, they’ll open up. It’s just that simple.
I never got this man's name but we sure did connect and shared some stories of our trips.  He's from Argentina and wanted to check out the most beautiful island in the world, Palawan.  I wanted to invite him over to Nacpan beach but he had to leave for Australia.
Whenever I visit someplace new, I always make it a point to talk to locals and check if there are other places worth visiting. It never hurts to stop by and say hi and see how they're doing.
Locals working on Aurora Borealis


Orange Karenderia, Lahug

Food spotting is one thing I do often on weekends.  A lot has been said about Orange Karenderia so when I heard that they opened a second branch nearby, I decided to give it a try.

Orange Karenderia has been known for serving exotic dishes and home-cooked meals. Its indoor setting has that old, familiar  "feel" of a karenderia, but an upgraded one.
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Ginabot, also known as the local version of chicharong bulaklak, is one street food that I do not eat. Ginabot / Chicharong Bulaklak is made from salted, dried pig intestines. I'd imagine that these intestines were cleaned vigorously and then deep-fried in super hot oil until it became crispy. I gave it a try. Yes, this ginabot was tolerable (I ate 3 pieces!) and actually didn't smell like the other ginabots. If you ask me, I think their version of ginabot is the best in town.
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I liked the first few bites of their Betsy's Garlic Chicken (P135.00).  It's made of fried boneless thighs in teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds. I think I prefer the sauce separated from the dish itself.  The sweetness of the teriyaki sauce could be overpowering towards the end of your meal.

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Fujinoya, Philippines

So... it's been a while, huh? :) We can all agree on one thing: restaurants and cafes in Cebu City are sprouting like mushrooms. I could hardly keep up!
Let me tell you something, Fujinoya Philippines is currently my favorite sanctuary.  This place is perfect for intimate conversations . Cozy ambiance? Oh yes!
Whenever I pay them a visit, I almost always have my "usual": Shitake burger steak and Hot chocolate.
This was my first hot chocolate drink (Php120.00).  The barista was kind enough to make it pretty for my Instagram account.
Not perfect but can you blame me? It's still instagram-worthy.
One of the many hot chocolates I had.

Rancho Cancio Part 3

If you missed the first two posts on Racho Cancio, click here and here.
Rancho Cancio requires a minimum charge for those who wish to rent this farm. Additional charges will be applied to the exceeding number of guests.
This is their "dirty" kitchen.  Pretty fancy, huh? I want one, honestly.
This is the farm's living room.  It is very relaxing and breezy.

Rancho Cancio Part 2

In case you missed the first part of the fun, head over to this link for part 1!
So, being a water baby that I am, it is imperative that I dedicate a blog entry exclusively for Rancho Cancio's infinity pool.
Unbeknownst to many, I have this strong affinity to wood flooring.  I could not imagine where they got those gorgeous woods!
Those two at the end are actually jacuzzis.  You can request the caretakers to turn the bubbles on.

Racho Cancio Part I

I bet you've heard of this hidden gem by now.  I am publicly professing my love and adoration to this farm that I am allocating 3 entries here.
Rancho Cancio is a family rest house that is rented out on a pre-arranged basis and is exclusive to one group only.
This was a long-awaited team building for us since Rancho Cancio is almost always booked.
Rancho Cancio is located in Adlanon, Busay, Cebu, an hour of scenic ride from Cebu City.  I can literally say that the road getting there is "a road less traveled".  It requires a highly-skilled driver familiar with the steep and muddy road to get you there safely. In this case, we hired a highly recommended driver.
The moment I set my eyes on this farm, I was... subdued (in a good way!).
Rancho Cancio is very quiet.  Relaxing. Private. Beautiful.